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1200 free Functional Skills resources (Functional Maths, Functional English) and Skills for Life resources available on this privately owned site, used as a resource in my literacy, numeracy and Functional Skills classes at Abingdon & Witney College.
I hope students and tutors around the UK, and beyond, will also find it useful. KEY:  Literacy ESOL General   Numeracy / ICT

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The Apprentice  Functional Skills


Football season 2010-11 Premier League Functional English E3-L2 E3-L2 Quick Reads resources for Chickenfeed and Sun Book of Short Stories Functional Skills Business project E3-L2 Functional English, maths and ICT Punctuation crossword for Level 2 consolidation Visual spelling skills - words with al, all and ea Ask Anne - share a problem. E1-E2 Functional English tasks

30/07/10 Premier League 2010-11 Season (Functional English and literacy) and Functional Skills Business project comprehension, writing, discussion, word games both from Matt Barnes. Quick Reads resources from Ruth Read, WEA, West Midlands. Punctuation Crossword from Celia Rooks, City of Sunderland College. Red Nose Funct.English, Extending sentences & Visual spelling all from Hazel Hughes, Selly Oak Trust School. Ask Anne - Share a Problem Funct. English from Anne Candan. 'Ch' words (ESOL) from Sonia Carroll, City and Islington College

Bonfire Night Party Functional Maths tasks E2-L1 Premier League 2010-11 Season Functional Maths E3-L2 The UK 2010 Budget Lesson plan for E2-L2 Maths / personal finance E3-L1 Payslip activity E2-E3 Handling numbers revision (N1/N2) Level 1 multiple choice fraction questions

02/11/10 Bonfire night party Functional Maths tasks from Nicola Smith, Royal Forest of Dean CollegePremier League 2010-11 Season (Functional Maths and numeracy): league tables, goal averages, data handling, season tickets, pitch sizes, ground capacity. The June 2010 Budget lesson plan from Leia Fee, Swansea ITeC.  E3-L1 Payslips from Jayne Summerbell, Hereward College. Level 1 and Entry handling numbers revision from Valerie Adams. L1 & L2 multiple choice fraction practice questions from Ruth Read, WEA East Midlands Working with equations from Paul Hanby, Mid Kent College.

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Functional Skills resources (all areas and levels) - a complete list.

Functional Maths and Numeracy resources 30/06/10 mapped to Adult Numeracy & Functional Maths Criteria (E1 Number E2 Number, E3 Number L1 Number, L2 Number, MSS (all), Data Handling (all), pre-Entry Numeracy).
Functional English and Literacy resources 30/07/10 mapped to Adult Literacy & Functional English criteria (pre-Entry, E1, E2, E3, L1, L2ESOL resources Entry 1 Entry 2 07/06/10

Topical & seasonal resources 30/06/10. Contextualised resources 30/06/10 construction, employment, hairdressing, etc. Study skills, exam tips, general resources 25/06/10

ICT Skills for Life and CLAIT resources 13/12/09 Interactive Schemes of Work

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Contact me if you need help or want to contribute resources. Contributors receive free editable Word versions in exchange for their resources.


Readwell Road adult reading scheme1 Useful links for tutors 30/06/10 Skilled To Go (from the Office of Fair Trading) has loads of new resources on recognising scams and buying/selling a car. Masses of Functional Skills (FS) external links. 2 Embed ILT links 3 Printable resource links

NEWS: Readwell Road - the entire adult reading scheme will soon be available from a dedicated web site.

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